**Honingbes voordeelpakket 50 stuks** 11 verschillende rassen

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This package contains these good varieties: (Lonicera caerulea kamschatica en edulus)

Indigo Gem – Aurora – Boreal Blizzard – Boreal Beast – Boreal Beauty -Honeybee – Jugana – Wojtek – Gordost Backzara – Vostorg

  • Flowering: mid-April – early May
  • They start to rip from the 2nd or 3rd week of May and until the end of June
  • Soil: Sandy soil, sandy soil, clay, peat. It is important that the soil is airy, fertile and rich in humus, mulching is recommended
  • Position: partial shade to full sun
  • Due to the variety of varieties, the plants will produce more berries through better pollination
  • This package contains good plants, heights vary from 20 to 45 cm and are in a P9 pot
  • Plants are between 150 cm and over 180 cm high, width between 120 cm and 190 cm differs per plant
  • These berries are different in shape and length, some have convex or cylindrical fruits with a beautiful purple color up to 5 cm long.
  • Tasty, sweet, sour and aromas are very well balanced. Tasty varieties.
  • Yield per honeyberry plant: max. 5 kg per plant, up to about 12 tons / ha (!!)
  • Use: Fresh (shelf life) freezing, jam, wine, drying, liqueur and for baking.
  • Frost insensitive, up to -50 leaf and flower can have -7 without damage.
  • Russian and Canadian varieties with plant variety rights.
  • Canada: University of Saskatchewan
  • Russia: FGUP “Bakczarskoje” Rosselhozakademii
  • Plants may NOT  be propagated without a license
  • Not 100% organic, but it comes very close to and grown with care

Due to the high demand, the most beautiful plants are sold out and sometimes smaller plants are included.
the varieties may also temporarily deviate from the description due to extreme demand.

2 reviews for **Honingbes voordeelpakket 50 stuks** 11 verschillende rassen

  1. arnis

    Hello. Is it posible send to latvija?

    • Esther

      Yes, We have do this more time.

  2. Ben

    Mooi en een goed samengesteld pakket. Goede kwaliteit!

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